INTERNATIONAL ARBITRATION CASE LAW (IACL) is a private, not-for-profit academic endeavour which, in partnership with the School of International Arbitration (SIA), Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary University of London, aims at disseminating important decisions relevant to legal practitioners and scholars in the field of international arbitration and dispute resolution. Its objective is to summarize, edit, and coordinate the publication of decisions rendered by arbitral tribunals, international tribunals and national courts in matters of international arbitration and related legal issues; at the early stage of this project the main focus will be on international investment arbitration. This academic project also seeks to eliminate language barriers and to facilitate access to the content of decisions of national and international tribunals in various languages.  The participation and commitment of all those who have become involved make possible the two main features that distinguish INTERNATIONAL ARBITRATION CASE LAW (IACL): its free access and its linguistic diversity.

IACL undertakes to inform with objectivity and transparency. Authors, editors, and directors commit to remain impartial during the preparation of their reports and to communicate any conflict of interest that may affect the objectivity of their summaries.

On our webpage you will find legal information concerning decisions of international tribunals dealing with foreign investment, commercial arbitration, and other associated disciplines as well as on the recognition and enforcement of international law by national courts. Periodically users will also find references to decisions of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and other international tribunals when their content has an impact on one of IACL's core areas of coverage.

Headnotes are published in English, Spanish (Universidad del Pacífico), French (SciencesPo, Ecole de Droit), Chinese (University of Peking, School of Transnational Law) and Portuguese (Universidade Positivo).

This academic project is open to anyone willing to make - in compliance with the project’s rules and principles - a pro bono contribution to the dissemination of knowledge and understanding concerning international arbitration. 

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IACL´s summaries should be cited as:  Author, (edited by), Name of the Case, In INTERNATIONAL ARBITRATION CASE LAW, page number, available at: http://www.internationalarbitrationcaselaw.com.


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